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Staging your home for sale

By marylourea32039196, Jun 26 2016 12:52PM

Think of your next open house as if it's opening night for your favorite movie. The stars would be walking the red carpet, dressed to impress, promoting the movie and creating excitement and buzz -- that's what staging does to your home when selling.

You want to put your home in the best light possible so you can grab buyers' attention as soon as they walk through the door, and as they walk through the home, it reconfirms their thoughts that they have to have it. That feeling starts online with marketing, then at your front door and continues into your entryway, or the first room of the home they walk into, by creating a warm and welcoming feeling.

Start with First Impressions

Your home needs personality, consistency, and an energy that excites buyers. A small thing, like how you greet a buyer at the door, makes a significant difference in how they will respond to your home, so make sure it's attention-grabbing and helps buyers feel comfortable. Here are some tips to generate a favorable impression among buyers upon arriving at your home:

-- Stay on top of your front landscaping -- mow the lawn and trim bushes.

-- Power wash the home and sidewalks.

-- Add a welcome mat and potted plants around the doorway.

-- Paint your door and update the hardware on it.

-- Place a wreath or decorative arrangement on your door.

-- Remove all toys and figurines from the front yard.

-- Clean all windows.

-- Update lighting and house numbers; make sure they match.

-- Repair the roof and gutters and update exterior paint, if peeling.

-- Remove all the clutter -- keep coats, shoes and other items organized in closets and shelves.

-- Remove any excess knickknacks or family photos.

-- Touch up or repaint the entryway.

-- Vacuum your floors daily. Have any carpeting steam cleaned.

-- Furniture shouldn't be worn out or too big for the space.

-- Match the lifestyle -- the more expensive your home is, the more expensive it needs to look.

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